Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pure and Real – the Time Tested Diet

Hello and I pray you are having a Blessed Day.

I was blessed with all the lovely and encouraging responses from the last newsletter and Blog. I found it very touching to get your personal emails and words of encouragement. As I am in the ministry of giving out all the time it was very encouraging for me to get so much support. Thanks.

 I have finalized the new name for Daniels Diet. It was voted in by a large majority vote, so I did not have to have the pressure of making a split decision. There were some who, like me,  did not want to change from Daniels Diet or the theme of that name; however I must trust God that He is leading me to something new (and prayerfully something better - ‘more than I can even hope for’) with the changes. This is in reality a Re- launching of Daniels diet, ‘woops’- Pure and Real globally.

Pure and Real – the Time Tested Diet
Thanks to the 6 winners from the last newsletter - for helping pick the new name for Daniels Diet.
1.      Rebecca
2.      Judy
3.      Miriam
4.      Kina
5.      Patricia
6.      Phillipa

The BIG news from my clinic this week is the launch of my new EBook: Are You Tired, Lethargic & Can’t Lose Weight? How you can Speed up your Metabolism & Regain your Energy.
If you want a copy- it’s available on for just $3.99. I would appreciate any one who purchases it to give a readers review – thanks. If you need help getting onto Amazon or kindle let me know (its free and easy once you have done it a couple of times) I can help you.

In case you did not know – I have 3 other books now under the The Bridgeman Way Series:

1. A 6 Week Low Carb Diet? A Real Weight Loss Diet.
2. 5 Common Foods that Cause Bloated Stomachs and Embarrassing Flatulence.
3. Quick & Easy Meals: A 7 Day Meal Plan for the Busy Women.
These are Naturopath self help type books and all on 

I now have the Daniels Diet Series with the new Name Changes. The new names will be available later this year, meanwhile they are still available under Daniels Diet
‘Pure and Real’ Series:
Pure and Real – the Time Tested Diet (Daniels Diet)
Pure and Real – Recipe Guide (Daniels Diet Recipe Guide)

The new recipe book is nearly ready to launch – I had to change one recipe at the last moment – so need one to take its place and then it is available – both as paperback book and EBook. 

My next blog is on Cancer Has a Sweet Tooth



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