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You don't have to be a partner in this statistic! This year, choose to adopt healthier lifestyle habits DURING the Festive Season! You may not lose much weight - but you don't need to gain any. And, when the New Year arrives, you will already be on the right track toward your best body ever in 2012!

Going into the festive season it will help to mentally prepare and make decisions beforehand. Why wait to new years day to make commitments – by then you are 3 or 4 kg heavier. Think and believe you can eat, enjoy and feel better by eating and drinking in moderation. Visualize yourself fit and feeling great. If it's to look better, imagine yourself confident and wearing the dress that you always wanted to fit into.

As part of your motivation – remember what it feels like after overeating (and drinking) the feeling of a bloated tummy and being overfull and uncomfortable. Drinking lots of liquid with food waters down your digestion so you not only feel uncomfortable but this causes tummy issues as well.

Tips to avoid the festive weight -gain

· Eat before you go to your Lunch or Dinner so you won't be so hungry that you grab anything and everything. This stops your blood sugar from dropping and you then can have control over your hunger. You can still enjoy the meal but you will be in control. I suggest something light e.g. Celery and carrots dipped in hummus or avocado dip. A protein shake or rice crackers with tomato and a small slice of low fat cheese can give you the willpower you need to choose the best choices of food on offer and not to overeat. Having a light, low carbohydrate breakfast and lunch on the same day can help ensure that your calorie intake won't be too much. Another option, eat a banana on the way to the meal!

  • You will have choices – so choose the healthiest ones. If you happen to be the one to organize the venue, or are entertaining at home– choose the option that offers good healthy choices. I suggest trying soups (no cream), grilled or baked fish with vegetables or salad, and fruit salad for sweets (always avoiding the cream). Instead of a bowl of lollies, cakes, chips or chocolates for guests, why not have a bowl of strawberries (with coconut cream), cherries or grapes? For drinks; try a bottle of non– alcoholic grape juice. If you drink alcoholic wine choose an organic wine, as it has less chemicals and will be better for you.
  • Rule of thumb – choose proteins like meat instead of sweets, breads, pasta. Best meats are fish, turkey, and chicken. Have these with salads and vegetables - Char grilled vegetables are delicious ~ a platter of mixed grilled vegetables look great and can be done on the BBQ.
  •    Alcohol and soft drinks will add weight to your body. Both are high GI and soft drinks   have about 7 teaspoons of sugar per can.
  •    Use a smaller plate
  • Don't keep picking at leftovers – take some home for the next day may help?
  • Be the life of the party and socialize – talk – dance and keep away from the food and    burn up some energy = fat.

The Hangover ‘Cure’?!       

If you choose to drink – then at least have some understanding on what you are doing to your body. I suggest you put into place some really good counter measures, to help your body survive and to save some of those brain cells.

  • The one true way to avoid a hangover is to avoid or limit the amount alcohol you consume.
  • The ethanol contained in alcoholic has a dehydrating effect which causes headaches, dry mouth and tiredness. Internally this puts pressure on your kidneys and liver.

  • This chemical reactions along with additives and preservatives in alcohol drinks do affect your body in short and long term. There are organic wines that are a healthier alternative and will lessen the hangover symptoms. One reaction is that the liver’s ability to supply glucose to tissues is interfered with, in particular to the brain. Glucose is responsible for the brain’s energy and this disruption often results in fatigue, headaches, feeling weak, mood changes and memory and concentration.

  • Smokers and even some non-smokers tend to smoke more when they are drinking and this can lead to nicotine poisoning which will also worsen hangovers.
  • The more you drink in a short time span, the worse your hangover will be. Binge drinking is particularly harmful to your health and likely to result in severe hangover.

The Counter Measures for Preventing Hangovers!

  1. Preparation – before and during your drinking is the best time to help. If you do this then the hangover will be definitely less. A young naturopath colleague who admits to indulging in wine on occasions says “I guarantee the preparation will stop most hangovers”.
  2. Take a Liver herb 2-3 days before and before you go out and when you arrive home. You can buy liver herbal tonics containing St. Mary Thistle (Silymarin).
  3. Drink Lots of water.  Rule of thumb when drinking alcohol and coffee is to consume one glass of water after every glass or cup you drink. If you add a ½ squeezed lemon to the water or green tea – this will help you maintain some alkalinity to your stomach and aid your detox.
  1. When your stomach is empty, alcohol is absorbed more quickly, which intensifies its effects. Eating a plentiful dinner that includes meat, vegetables and fruits, is very wise.
  2. An electrolyte drink will help before and after as your minerals will be depleted. I prefer a powder form from health shops or naturopath to be the strongest dosages therefore the best. However the Gatorade type drinks are helpful.
  3. Take a B vitamin and vitamin C
  4. Avoid coffee before – during and after as this dehydrates you more.
  5. Caution - given the dehydration and associated increase in blood pressure after a "night out", a strenuous workout isn't generally the recommended "recovery" practice. However a lazy swim or walk is beneficial.  As is sleeping in.

After The Party Is Over.

January is the time for the Daniels diet Detox
join me in doing this - i will be posting a Day by Day support
see you in the new year (God willing)


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