Thursday, 4 April 2013

Travel Tips You Need to Know When Going Overseas

Hello - I am off to Thailand (phuket) for  8 day Holiday, tomorrow (hallelujah).

These are the steps i take when traveling to be prepared for any attacks on my health. I look at it like this; i only have a weeks holiday (or 2-4 weeks) - so i don't want to get sick and miss out on what i have been looking forward to and saving for, for months.
So being prepared and using prevention is a great investment to my health. Here are my tips to travel 'healthy'.

  1. I like sitting up the front of the plane and my wife get motion sickness - so we book seats at the front end as soon as we can. My wife takes Ginger supplements on the day of travel ( dose as it stipulates on the pack) to help with motion sickness.
  2. One week before flying out i begin taking a supplement called Saccharomyces boulardii - its  a probiotic biotherapeutic agent which supports good gut bacteria and more importantly builds up my resistance to unfriendly bacteria I may ingest while eating on holidays and it also fights against BAD bacteria, if i did pick up a some gastro' problem. I continue taking this every day on my holiday. 
  3. Also i take a broad spectrum Probiotic (good gut flora) every day on holiday. I travel with a heat resistant flora supplement. If for i minute i think i have eaten something 'dodgy' or suspect, i up the dose of this flora and # 2 flora to 2 every hour until OK then back to 1 daily.
  4. I carry an electrolyte tablet with me and only take this if i get gastro problems to resupply lost electrolytes. This is of vital importance if you do pick up a bug causing vomiting or diarrhea. Bottled water does not have electrolytes.
  5. Another addition to helping the immune system while breathing in stale air on planes or virus is Echinacea. I personally take a liquid herb mix in a spray bottle as this is easy to carry and small for convenience but tablets are good too.
  6. Drinking lots of water is important - hydrate the day before and again  before the flight, drink moderate amount during flight so you don't have to get up to go to toilet too often - but drink lots of water when at the hotel to re-hydrate - about 1 litre. 
  7. if you will be needing sun protection - take some natural form of it with you - beware of chemical sunblocks. Zinc is good.
  8. If you have a fear of flying then i suggest Rescue Remedy spray. Recently i had a patient who was so scared of flying she had to get 'drunk' to get on the plane (not recommended)  - I gave her the rescue remedy and some anti anxiety herbs and she traveled with out drinking on her next flight and was so happy to get natural help. 
Bonn Voyage


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