Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Daniels Diet Testimony March 2013


I always get a huge Buzz when people send me their testimony after doing Daniels Diet & there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them.

This is another one from USA - be encouraged Daniels Diet does help many people... the only criteria is that you have to 'do it'.

Dear Philip 

Here are some of my results from your Daniels Diet diet  . . . and I'm on day 10:

1. My clothes grew - (ha) they are now too big for me
2. I'm not as stressed - (I LOVE this part)
3. I haven't used my APAP machine for 4 nights - no snoring!!  WOW - this is HUGE!!
4. I just plain "feel better" than I have in a long time
5. I have more energy (Who knew?!!)
6. I lost 9 pounds as of this AM (WHAT??????)  YES - I'm shockingly pleased!  (but the scale is still too high!)
7.  I don't miss chocolate as much as I thought I would - another shocker!
8.  Prayer combined with this Diet is a real winner and  is SO important

I read the "Post Diet" section of the book last night again, and yes, I'll start with eggs, and fish, but I'm gonna go another week on Daniels Diet - before I do that cuz I'm so excited with my progress.  Oh, I discovered a hummus (made from garbanzo beans, cilantro, garlic, lemon juice etc). and it's all editable on the diet, and it's SO good, but can't eat too much (a little goes a LONG way) cuz it's HOT!  Great on salads with lemon juice mixed.

Remember your squash soup recipe   Well, leave off the broth, (steam the squash) and add the curry/onion/celery - Mmmmm nummy! I need to find a way to make vegetable stew - I'm thinking I could just do the "no peek stew recipe  without the meat and use fresh tomatoes, onions, green peps instead of the canned stewed tomatoes. 
 thanks so much....

I still get amazed at the different and varied healing's that take place when undertaking Daniels diet - weight loss just being one of the wonderful things that happen.

be blessed


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