Saturday, 2 March 2013

7 Secrets to Losing Weight

Today's Sunday Times newspaper states that 50% of West Australians are overweight! 

The national average is 40%, (we are equal with the USA and in the top 3 ' fattest' nations in the world). 

What is happening to the thinking and discipline of our younger generations?  Being overweight when you are young is setting yourself up for an unhealthy future, therefore this is a hugely important issue.

 Is there a 'spiritual' connection to the health of the world? (I believe there is and this year i will write a book on ; "Knowing Gods Health Plan"). Also its been on my heart for years to write a book revealing the 'Evil' in our World Health (Unhealthy)System.  So keep an eye out for these 2 new books later on in the year.

My calling in life is to help people with their health and being overweight is a big part of our future health, both physically and emotionally. So i am writing today to give you the foundations of losing and keeping weight off.

To beat any fat cells that may be bunching together to form excess fat and cellulite it’s vital that the following seven points are adopted into your regular lifestyle

1.     Eat a diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrate and increase good quality protein.
If you eat less carbohydrate than you require for energy, then your stored fat is burned to provide your body’s energy requirements. This means you should lose weight, because there are only 2 fuel systems your body draws on and you restrict one, which is carbohydrates and your body has to burn the second one (fat) for energy.
Keep in mind that most people eat too much refined carbohydrates in their daily diet and this will lead to obesity over years of eating like this. This is why a lot of people ‘yo- yo’ diet. The minute they finish a (any) diet plan they go back to eating too much carbohydrates, so they put all the weight back on.

The modern diet is full of sugar. Food such as starchy, highly processed bread, packet cereal, white flour products, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, pastry, pasta, white rice, fast foods, don’t forget alcohol and sugary products such as soft drinks, cordials and reconstituted fruit juices are all quickly converted by your body into glucose. High amounts of glucose will cause the release of high amounts of insulin, encouraging your body to store carbohydrates as fat and stop fat being used as energy (therefore increasing weight gain)

Protein should be increased in your diet and is found in legumes and pulses, brown rice, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, split peas, chick peas, lentils, and the bean family. Also - fish (with scales), lean meats, tofu, soy, goat milk, cottage cheese and yogurt etc.

2.     Drink two litres of water a day.
The average body loses about 2 litres of water each day through normal elimination and perspiration/evaporation. This must be replenished daily. This means water only, not counting your cups of tea or juices. When enough water travels through the blood, it reaches the fat cells, lubricates the area and starts to help the cells unglue, flushing them back into the body’s elimination system. By exercising at the same time the body is able to burn up the released fat as energy. These two lifestyle habits, together with regular bowel movements, enable the body to eliminate all the excess fat and waste. This is the way to win the war against the bulge and toxic overload.

3.     Maintain regular bowel movements.
This should be approximately two eliminations per day.

4.     Don’t eat late at night.
An evening meal should be light on the stomach and containing no carbohydrates. Avoid late evening snacks. If you do have to eat late make sure it’s non-fattening foods and definitely not carbohydrate or sugar. Don't continually snack or graze during the day and evening.

5.     Don’t overeat.
The original reason for weight gain is still valid. If more food is eaten than burned off, you have to gain weight – it’s a physical and mathematical law. Eat Less Not More! 

6.     Exercise.
There are no short cuts. No one can do it for you, and it must be done, so decide to get in the habit regularly and enjoy it. If you exercise before a meal this will give your body the opportunity to burn the stored fat as well and help you lose weight. Once you are in a regular routine in exercise it does become enjoyable. The hard part is getting to the regular stage, slowly but surely you can.

7.     Learn to say “no” to temptation and “stop” when feeling full.
This is something we all can work on. It’s a fact that when society cuts down on the amount we eat not only is weight lost but disease is noticeably lessened.

Summary: The truth is that anyone overweight is doing damage to his or her body. Every part of their body has to work harder to maintain the extra kilos. This means that eventually some parts are at risk of wearing out or developing complications. So, if you are overweight, sick in any way or just want to remain healthy - for the sake of your body, lifestyle changes have to happen. I know that you will not be disappointed and your body will thank you.



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