Monday, 20 January 2014

Ancient Wisdom combined with Modern Nutrition

Good morning -  Welcome  to day 5 - we are half way there! And i have to say that the longer you are on the program the easier it gets - i hope that is your case as well.
Ancient Wisdom combined with Modern Nutrition
I have based this diet on the wisdom of Ancient Scriptures and modern day nutrition. This diet bridges the gap between the Bible times and Today and you can benefit from all that wisdom.

Positive Scripture to start the day.
'So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God'. 1 Corinthians 10:31
Each day as we make choices about what to eat, drink or act upon; try to keep God's glorification always before our personal gratification. If we simply go back to the basics in all areas-natural food, pure fresh water, clean air and the unadulterated Word of God-we would be absolutely amazed at what we can achieve...a healthier body, soul and spirit! 
This is why Daniels Diet is so successful - because it takes the modern, adulterated, refined, chemical foods out of our diet and gives our internal system a 'holiday' from processing it all the time.
We get back to basics and we 'feel' better and lose weight as a good side affect.

Surviving this Century

Today's lifestyle has added many diseases to the world that are directly related to our modern day eating and drinking habits. Sad, but true! It makes sense, therefore, that to overcome modern day diseases (including overweight) it is necessary to take some “modern” out of the equation and restore certain aspects of our lifestyles to how they were in previous times.
This means getting back to the fundamentals of health; fundamentals that Hippocrates, the recognized founder of modern medicine, recommended. Hippocrates once said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.”
Keep in mind that the majority of the world’s population suffer some form of ill health and I estimate that 70% or more of every illness is caused (or linked) by what you do, or don’t, put in your mouth.
People carry baggage from previous weight loss programs. I have seen this scenario often in my clinic, where people have tried every diet that is available. They have lost some weight but quickly regained it and often added even more afterwards.
I want you to know that I fully understand and empathise. I am here to help, to give answers and set out a series of tailored, step by step, proven effective treatment strategies (plans) that will lead you to long term success. So no matter where you are in the world, with modern technology i can consult with you and help you. Simply contact me. Just yesterday a lady from Greece emailed me for a consultation. Don't suffer in silence or put up with symptoms that can be fixed, you are far to important.

Day 5 in my life.

I feel great today - the detox and partial fast is working. my head is clearer and i feel more energy.
I confess i ate too much of my brown rice Dinner and my body tells me because i could feel it take the edge off my well-being yesterday.  I believe we should always listen to our body  - it will tell you things if you first get healthy and then take notice on how you feel. And yes you can over eat good foods.
Bike ride for 1 hour - its  hot here so i made sure i hydrated and ate as soon as i got back. lots of water (1/2 litre) - fruit - vitamins and veggie juice coming up soon. I found some ones wallet on the river and trying to get there phone number to return it. 
Lunch - mixed salad
no nuts today. just fruit and  another veggie juice.
Dinner tonight. Left over Brown rice and veggies - i find brown rice fills me up and is nice with lots of herbs.
Prayer walk with my wife as we pray and give thanks for the day + talk.

Veggie Juice:
1-2 carrots – depending on size
½ raw beetroot (red beets)
1 celery sticks (stems)
1 tablespoon of blue berries (frozen)
1 stem of spinach
Ginger to taste
½ lemon squeezed

Note: your stool (bowel movement) may turn red or dark green due to beetroot (red beet) colour or greens. This is normal and not a health problem and will go away if you stop the juices for a few days.
You may have ‘Detox Symptoms’ from the process of your body eliminating  toxins, if they are too severe, stop for one day and start again with ½ dose. Water it down helps - if needed

have a good day


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