Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Are you ready - One day to Daniels Diet

Shopping Hints

 Preparation for Daniels Diet.

Step One: I am excited - and mentally prepared - so i trust you are too.
Step Two:  Shopping and hands on preparation
Step Three - Do it

Daniel 1 v 8 (NASB) ' but Daniel made up his mind that he would not defile himself with the Kings choice of food or with wine.."

I have just got back from shopping - in preparation for tomorrow 

Here are some shopping tips:
  1. I buy already prepared salads e.g - pk of the following; baby spinach + mixed lettuce + Asian salad (stir fry ) mix + sprouts etc.
  2. Vegetables; sweet potatoe, pumpkin, cellery, red beets (beetroot), carrots, brocolli, beans, spinach, bok choy, ( think green...) etc etc
  3. mixed fruits in season - here in Western Australia - it is summer so Water melon/rock melon, apples, bananas, stone fruit (although these are high GI) so if thinking of weight loss you should not have too many of them and stick to low GI fruits.
  4. Seasonings - the following are extracts from my new book - 'Pure & Real Recipe Guide'
    Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt
    Crushed Garlic
    Crushed ginger
    Green curry paste
    Miso (Kome or Genmal)
    Organic Tamari Soy Sauce (all natural, all purpose, wheat free soy 
    Organic Herb Seasoning – e.g. Vogel “Herbamare”
    Vegetable Stock
    Soup Stock – no MSG, additive free stock powder (Vogel vegetable)
    Massel veggie stock
  5. If you need help sourcing anything– go to your nearest health store, they will give you assistance.
  6. Dried herbs and spices
    Bay leaves
    Cayenne (red) pepper
    Chili powder
    Cinnamon sticks
    Curry powder
    Dried Herbs
    Ground cinnamon
    Ground coriander
    Ground or fresh ginger
    Ground nutmeg
    Mustard Powder
    Peppercorns green and black
    Sesame Seeds
  7. Oils and vinegarsApple Cider Vinegar
    Balsamic Vinegar
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    White Vinegar (to wash your fruit and vegetables)
  8. Nuts (unsalted) and dried fruit
    Almonds (blanched or whole)
    Pine nuts
    Sun-dried tomatoes
  9. Dried fruit often contains sulphur to enhance the color of the dried product.  Seek organic sun-dried fruit, which is also sulphur- free. This is especially important if you experience any respiratory challenges such as asthma.
    No peanuts.
  10. Stir-fry
  11. You’ll find a wonderful selection of frozen stir-fry vegetable mixes in the freezer section of your local supermarket. Make sure you choose the ones with no added sauces. The store will also have bags of prepared raw stir-fry vegetables in the fresh food section, add more colours yourself if needed. Choose fresh foods where possible, however frozen are good as a second choice and for convenience. To avoid plastic contamination, I recommend you mix your own from the loose choices available, i.e. bag up your own.

Feel free to use variety and what is in season in your locality is best, also what you personaly prefer to have. Organic is best but not vital, just do the best you can, its all good.

All the best and talk to you tomorrow

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