Saturday, 25 January 2014

D' Day for Daniels Diet

Day Ten of Daniel's Diet

Good Morning & congratulations you have reached the last day.

 Now is the time to start thinking and planning for the future. If you want to go on with the diet for another 2- 5-10 or 20 days please don’t stop, it is your choice. However - Use wisdom and monitor how you are feeling and press on only if you feel good and desire to continue. For those who are looking forward to adding other foods, enjoy. Remember you can undertake the diet as often as you desire and whenever you choose.

If you have been praying specifically for something, then as this scripture states, believe this –“ So God granted him (you) what  (you) he requested.” 

“What now?” you may well ask.

 Your last day on the diet plan and today and tomorrow morning you weigh in and measure and record the results + the symptoms checklist. Compare the records of how you were before and after the 10-day detox program. Please Email me your Testimony 
Congratulate yourself on the changes, no matter how large or small they may be. Appreciate the changes you have been able to create in such a short time.
Tomorrow i will show you what foods to start introducing and what is the next step from here. We will not go back to the old eating habits (amen)

Testimonies show  that the majority of people who completed this Diet  lose weight.

 However not everyone will lose as much as they expect. There are 4 main factors stopping or making it difficult for weight loss.

1. Insulin resistance – in this case you will need to move from this diet plan to my 6 Week Low Carb - High Protein diet. (available here)
2. Slow Metabolism and sluggish Thyroid – these people would also need to do my 6 week low carb diet
3. Hormone Imbalance – high oestrogen and often overweight. Often thyroid and hormone problems are found together. Use the same diet plan as the other two points and you consider a saliva hormone test and or herbs to assist.
4. Adrenal fatigue or 'stress burnout'.

There are cases, where underlying factors, have initially slowed or prevented weight loss. But the good news is by using the diet plans I have made and with lifestyle changes you can reverse the situation and not only lose weight but address the health issues as well.

Anyone who follows this diet, but does not lose much or any weight should see this as a ‘positive’? Why, because it is showing you that there is something else you may need to address to achieve the weight loss and good health. It should motivate you to search out and find what that is. You may need a practitioner to help you find the answers.  I can offer you much support and help you get the answers you need for losing stubborn weight.

Most times there is an explanation for what is, or isn't, happening to your body. In other words – ‘WHY aren't I losing weight?’

Most people put weight on slowly, over a period of time; too much of the wrong food and not quite enough exercise is the main reason. To achieve long-term weight loss there is one vital rule - the energy put into your body (the food) must be less than the energy used. This is a mathematical and physical law. Even a good diet may not bring a satisfactory weight loss unless the expenditure of energy is increased. This means there must be regular and consistent exercise included in your long-term lifestyle as well as the dietary changes.
 I recommend undertaking a Long Distance Internet based Consultation Service with me via internet, Skype or phone (this service is also available for everyone, including those who lose weight but want a more specific supplement program or personal advice). Simply contact me on

More support over the next few Days
I will be blogging for another couple of days and sending newsletters with the winners for the 2 prizes I promised. I will continue  to help you find and follow a health plan that suits you as an individual and one you can live with in the long term. Food is to be enjoyed of course but it is the choices and amounts we all need to have a plan for.

My Day 10

i underwent my special liver flush last night and have not eaten for 24 hours by the end of the day 

 I will not exercise today

As you may have noticed - i make the 10 day diet as simple and easy as i can. However i do have a recipe book that will help you find more interesting dishes to eat.
I found this time on Daniels diet - i over ate one meal. I also ate too many high GI fruits like mangoes and stone fruits and bananas, which is OK generally speaking but can hold up your weight loss. Although i feel good on these foods it probably would not help weight loss.

look forward to talking to you tomorrow for the conclusion of Daniels diet plus get your testimonies and to set up the next phase to follow - so you don't fall back into the old habits.

“… Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, and that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil. That I may not cause pain.  So God granted him what he requested.”   (1 Chronicles 4:10)


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