Friday, 24 January 2014

Volunteers For Special Liver Flush

G'Day from hot Perth - welcome to Day 9

Just one day and you have completed the 10 days - well done .


If you are feeling really good why not continue on for as long as you wish.  Suggested times are 14 or 20 days for those who chose. 

Now is the time to start planning for the future. If you want to go on with this diet for another 2- 5-10 or 20 days don’t stop. However - Use wisdom and monitor how you are feeling and press on only if you feel good and desire to continue. For those who are looking forward to adding other foods after day 10, enjoy. 
  • Please email me if you are continuing on and i will support this group until they are completed.
Remember you can undertake this diet as often as you desire and whenever you choose.
I will be encouraging everyone to keep the momentum going, so you can reach your goals and I will be offering step by step support to  help you achieve just that. 
Tomorrow i will discuss more on this subject so you can have a plan to continue on with  and not just stop at the end of 10 days.

Liver Flush?

I am going to finish the 10 days by doing a specific Detox for flushing my liver.
The purpose of this protocol is to detox the body through the liver and bowel. It will also flush the gall bladder, expelling any accumulated matter, including stones and pre-stone sludge, composed of stagnant bile and cholesterol (toxins).
Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. When you eliminate these out of your body – as you can imagine you will feel so much healthier and internally ‘cleaner’. I have personally expelled up to 100 of these small 'stones' and seen other peoples photo evidence of some stones as big as 20 cent pieces and hundreds of others. I do this once a year = now.
this is the perfect time to this flush as you have to do 10 days of diet preparation - before you do the overnight flush.
Volunteers? If you have done the Daniels Diet and wish to know more or do this diet - you will have to contact me by email and i will then give you the specific instructions. 

Today's Recipe 

Philip’s Energy Salad
1 cup sprouts (try to have a variety)
2-3 different lettuces e.g. Cos, iceberg, red leaf or romaine.
Spinach/kale (the darker green, the better),
coarsely chopped pine nuts
½ avocado, sliced
tomato, cherry or sliced
carrot, grated
Raw beetroot, grated
spring onions (if you are concerned about onion breath, chew mint or parsley afterwards)
Walnuts and pine nuts

Preparation Method
Toss in a large bowl and add a recommended dressing. Be adventurous.

talk to you on day 10 


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