Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Daniels Diet Day 11

Good morning,
Congratulations! You have Done it.

Many will have lost weight; have increased energy and mental clarity, a decrease in body aches and pains, improved vision and improved texture of your skin. Others may have accomplished spiritual goals. It’s always good to write down anything accomplished and give thanks to God.
Please email to my clinic and give your testimony to encourage others, I will post it on my website (no names used). Also send in any recipe tips that you found helpful.

There are a small group who will have not lost much weight - do not feel discouraged as your body will be a lot better off internally for sure. If you have not lost any weight then this is a positive; it  tells you/me something. There is something holding you back? it may be a slow metabolism , you may have insulin resistance, hormone issues... Don't give up keep searching for the answer and you will find it. I suggest strongly that you read number 2 choice below, or you can have a long distance consultation with me to run some checks and guide you through to your breakthrough and success

The Question is – What do I do from here?

It’s very important when coming off a partial fast to not go overboard with your eating. Your stomach has been eating healthy foods for ten days, and it’s starting to shrink. It is not wise to overload it now with previously banned foods. Today is a critical time in this diet. Your decision now will determine your future health and weight maintenance. Consider it carefully.
My goals as a health care practitioner, lifestyle coach and author are to give every one, step by step instruction and answers to your individual situation. So that in a few short months you will have reached your goals of losing weight and having more energy and feeling very healthy. The end result being that you get into the ‘zone’ of living a lifestyle that ensures you don’t go back to where you used to be, but maintain your good weight and health. So this healthy lifestyle becomes the new normal for you, and you automatically choose to eat and shop the right way for you. Then you are truly ‘free’.
The next step is to keep the momentum going to reach your goals and I offer the following to help you achieve just that.

I can offer you 2 choices!

1. For those who are happy with the Daniels Diet results and just want to go on with a normal lifestyle; My Moderation Diet that is easy to live by and allows for everyday food to be enjoyable. This is discussed in my second book Daniels Lifestyle Diet. You can purchase this on

2. For those who want to lose more weight and overcome sugar/refined carbs cravings then I have the answer for you. I have written a new book - A 6 Week Low Carb Diet? A Real Weight Loss Diet.

 At the moment I have reduced the price to just $4.99 for the EBook especially for you. It will go up in price in  2 weeks. This diet plan is nearly the opposite of Daniels 10 day diet. The effect of doing these two diets in tandem is very powerful and has wonderful results. You should lose 2 Kg a week and continue your journey to success. I emphasize it is only a 6 week program and then I suggest you do Daniels diet again and then move to the Moderation diet.
You can simply follow my diet plan as found in the book or you have the choice of using my weight loss protocols that go with the diet. This consists of Protein shakes and bars and herbs. If you want my personal support during these 6 weeks – email me at and I will offer you the protocol and tell you the costs etc.

*I do offer a weight loss package which takes you step by step from day 1 of Daniels diet through to the end of the 6 weeks on  the low carb diet and into the moderation diet so you are on a good lifestyle by the end of it and this way you should not put the weight back on or go back to bad eating habits. This plan includes 3 personal consultations plus all the supplements.
*Also for those interested in doing just Daniels diet - i offer a package with all supplements and 2 consultations with me.
Long distance consultations work very well and i do them though Skype or internet and or phone and emails.

I also have another EBook on my web site called - Quick & Fast Meals – 7 Day Eating Plan for The Busy Women. Easy and fast recipes – all under 15 minutes.

I will also have several other EBooks written in the first 6 months of 2013, so keep an eye out for those and if you join my free newsletter I will keep you informed.

So once again congratulations to those who have completed the 10 days and if you need help i am here to assist.

By the way - i lost 2.5 kg and 2.5 cm off my tummy.



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