Sunday, 13 January 2013

Daniels Diet Day 8

Good morning,

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.”   (3 John 1:2)

Pat yourself on the back, its day eight already. Remember the benefits; it’s worth it.
Being in good health all the time is possible, if you learn to change and follow a healthy lifestyle. This diet gives you the key to detoxification and launching into a healthy future. I too pray that you prosper in all things - body, soul and spirit because without health in each of these three areas you cannot enjoy life to its fullest.

Testimony (real time quote from email - this morning) from a 57 year old patient who has just completed the Daniels diet for the first time. She is a stroke victim and i add that to emphasis that any one can do this diet, its never too late or you are never too young or old.
"Lost.....3 k's and 7 cm off my waist!  IT WAS WORTH IT, though I know I'll never be a Vegetarian, Daniel's diet will always be a major part of my life from now on."
 'Oh best of all.' 
'I managed to start walking again and where I used to stop for a ten minute sit while I let the dog have a snif/run around then head home....I walked right past the spot by the second day (a minute sit on the first day's walk)  the next day I made it thirty meters past it, then a little bit further....the next I did gardening, and the pain i suffer daily is now less.' Wow i am impressed, all this in just 10 days"

I am astounded but never surprised of the amount of testimonies coming to me of people losing weight. But also of healing testimonies which range from what i would expect as a practitioner to the unexpected and powerful healing and life changing experience that people have. 

My day 8;
One major thing i notice is that i am not hungry or craving anything. I feel contented after a veggie juice and some fruit. my tummy does not need as much food and i actually have better concentration and work stamina when eating less. The old routine or habits are the challenges as you are then drawn to automatically have your snack of whatever when watching TV or danger times. i just replace that time with some 'allowed' food so i am not wanting to give in to the habit or desire. i find this works well and i enjoy my fruit or nuts much more.
Morning bike ride followed by  lots of water and a veggie juice.
Fruit soon and mixed salad for lunch. 
Water melon for afternoon tea - not that water melon is one of the best fruit to eat nutritionally wise and is a great diuretic for any one with fluid retention.

Fruit Breakfast

This group of fruit mix well. Avocado is a neutral food so can mix with sweet or savoury dishes and is optional.
Dish one – a small bowl full of;
Watermelon honeydew  cantaloupe
1 part papaw (papaya)  ½ avocado


Dish two- a small bowl full of;
apple banana pear
pineapple any berries grapes – with seeds

Try spooning fresh passion fruit juice on top of the fruit. With fruit salad you can choose any 3-4 different fruits. 
I encourage you to be inventive and add prunes, flaked almonds, pine nuts, coconut pieces, cinnamon, and various sprouts or seeds. 
However there is a limit to nuts consumed during the day so if you add them to fruit salad do not eat as many later.  
If it’s more convenient to you because of your busy lifestyle, you can stagger your fruit intake throughout the morning.

be blessed


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