Monday, 14 January 2013

Daniels Diet Day 9

G'Day from hot Perth

Just one day and you have completed the 10 days. If you are feeling really good why not continue on for as long as you wish. If you are feeling a bit weak or hungry then tomorrow is the last day.

The next step will be to keep the momentum going to reach your goals and I will be offering the following to help you achieve just that. For those who want to continue to lose some more weight or who have not lost much on the 10 day diet.

1.    A 6 Week Low Carb Diet? A Real Weight Loss Diet
The Bridgeman Way
This plan is nearly the opposite of this 10 day diet. The effect of doing these two diets in tandem is very powerful and has wonderful results. You should lose 2 Kg a week and continue your journey to success.

Tomorrow i will discuss more on this subject so you can have a plan to continue on with  and not just stop at the end of 10 days.

Philip’s Energy Salad
1 cup sprouts (try to have a variety)
2-3 different lettuces e.g. Cos, iceberg, red leaf or romaine.
Spinach/kale (the darker green, the better),
coarsely chopped pine nuts
½ avocado, sliced
tomato, cherry or sliced
carrot, grated
Raw beetroot, grated
spring onions (if you are concerned about onion breath, chew mint or parsley afterwards)
Walnuts and pine nuts
Preparation Method
Toss in a large bowl and add a recommended dressing. Be adventurous.

talk to you on day 10 



  1. Hi Philip. I just want to say thank you for walking with us over the past 9 days, with 1 day to go on Daniel's. For me, day 8 was the turning point where I noticed a release of burst of energy into my body. It just wanted to move! So, joggers went on and off for a second walk for the day. It's weird to try and describe, but my body just wants to move since yesterday and it won't settle any more for just lounging around. It has spent the last several years especially, wanting to be a slug and not move much at all. So, I'm loving the new lease of life I now feel within my physical body. When I drafted a comment on this blog site back at day 1 or 2, I think, I shared how one of my goals for Daniel's was asking for God to heal my mind and my heart. Again, since yesterday with day 8, I am now feeling a freedom in my thinking that I have never experienced in my whole 50 years of living. Since a teenager, or even before that, I have lived with fear dominated thinking and anxiety and depression symptons which have 95% of the time, ruled my life. I always gave into these thoughts, felt bad for having them and, thus, allowed my mind to call the shots. I can honestly say I have hated life up until these past few days. I now know that my natural mind doesn't know what is best for me, but instead wants me to give into ease and comfort. By doing Daniel's and being consistant daily I'm learning to not give into my mind's rule, but to honour God in dedicating these 10 days's and my commitment, to Him. So, I can say that my thinking mind is 99% clearer then it was at day 1, and I am now beginning to have a peaceful and even joyful thought life and linked with this, is a much valued improvement in my emotional life as well. For the past 2 days, I can't stop saying to my husband, Mark, 'I feel so free on the inside (physically, mentally and emotionally).' So, I'm celebrating big time with these breakthoughs being experienced and keen to continue with Daniel's to consolidate them, or the 6 week follow up program you spole of in today's blog. It's been too long since I have said, "I love life!!!!!" Most of my life has been like being stranded in a desert and parched for something to quench my thirst; to bring me life. Now, since yesterday, I'm doing laps on the inside, in an endless ocean I had not realised was just over the hill. Thank you Philip. I can't express enough what Daniel's has done for me, and also, your support! : ) And I give myself a huge pat on the back for wanting something different in life and taking proative steps to find it and take it. Above all, I thank you God!!!!!! In all of this I am reminded of Psalm 1:3 . . "and she/he shall be like a tree firmly planted by the stream of water, ready to bring forth it's fruit in it's season, and everything she/he does shall prosper." (I added 'she'). cheers for now, Caz

  2. Wow Caz - what can i say but praise God. its testimonies like this that encourage many people but myself as well. i continue to be astounded at many testimonies that come to me for all types of healing and breakthroughs. from people losing 10 kg in 10 days to testimonies like this one from Caz.
    thanks for sharing Caz