Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Daniesl Diet - day 3

Good morning,

Its worth it! The many hundreds of good news testimonies i receive can not lie. The next two days for some can be a  struggle. So i encourage you don't give up, it will get easier from here on. today is the day where withdrawals can manifest. Some people may feel a bit weak or tired, dull headaches - these will go away and one of the most common testimonies is that by the end of the 10 days - 'i feel more energy, my brain is clear', 'no more headaches, no more tummy discomfort'  and 'i feel just wonderful'. Then of course is the weight loss.
Philippians 4 v 13 KJV. ' I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.'

My Day;
Prayer walk, breathing and stretches in the local park.
veggie juice ( i forgot my lemon in water so will do that later in the day)
Lunch, mixed salad
nuts and fruit
Dinner, brown rice and steamed veggies.
mango for sweets
another walk before bed ( it is summer in Perth so walking morning and night is easy).

The Colors of the Rainbow

Every color in every food type from ‘God’s garden’ have individual or unique biochemical health benefits—that is why I always encourage rainbow salads in all my programs and do include recipes for them in my books.

Philip’s Rainbow Salad
asparagus          celery snow peas onion
beetroot tomatoes mixed lettuce avocado
walnuts yellow capsicum red/purple cabbage cauliflower
Preparation Method
Chop or grate whatever amount you need for the meal. Drizzle with a dressing of olive oil, garlic and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, with a pinch of turmeric and cayenne.
Feel free to make your own combinations.

Salads are easy to take to work for lunch. They are also a fantastic accompaniment to your evening meal. Dress your salads with either fresh lemon or lime juice or lightly drizzle with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, or flaxseed oil.

Don't hesitate to email me or comment on this blog -  if you have any question or comments or need support.
see you tomorrow and God Bless



  1. Thanks again Philip for all the wonderful tips. I must say that I am starting to feel more energetic and haven't had too many cravings. We were at a funeral and wake on Monday, I was glad not to feel tempted to eat the goodies provided. Likewise seem to have left the headaches behind now, which is good.

    Greetings Helen

  2. its great to see you are in the 'zone' Helen - of Daniels diet and it will get easier from here because of that - you will feel better and your energy will increase. The headaches going is the sign your body is detoxing and you have gone through the withdrawals and adjusting to new diet changes.
    keep it going and see the results.